This list is offered to give prospective directors and committee members a steer as to the ambition and vision of Frome Drama. As such, it should be seen as suggestive rather than prescriptive. Many of these plays have been read and recommended by the open, monthly play-reading group as a potential fit for Frome Drama. Others have been proposed and discussed by members of the Play Collection Group which periodically reviews the list to keep it up to date and relevant.

Selection of plays for production should be guided by a number of considerations, not least of which is finding a balance between audience appeal, the necessity to generate income and, perhaps most importantly, the creative satisfaction of the club’s members.
Some of these plays are obvious, tried-and-tested drama club standards. Others are more challenging, and their inclusion here may be seen as wildly ambitious, but no harm in that. Some call for a small cast, some for a large-scale community approach and there isn’t always what you might call a gender balance. Across a season or two, however, it should be possible to provide that equality of opportunity, whilst enhancing the club’s reputation for quality and artistic endeavour.

The list includes nothing by Shakespeare, Stoppard, Pinter or Ayckbourn, for that matter. The omission simply reflects the size/stature of their catalogue and it is hard to recommend any one play. They remain sturdy contributors to the club’s output.

In conclusion, please use this list as a point of guidance. If something on the list sparks your interest, then all well and good, but the committee is also always open to suggestions of plays not on this list, from any potential directors out there. The most important thing is that you, the director, have a passion and vision for your chosen play that we would love to know more about.

Suggestions for Directors.  Frome Drama 2023

PravdaDavid Hare/Howard BrentonUp to 30
Accidental Death of an AnarchistDario Fo/Gavin Richards1F 5M
An Inspector CallsJ B Priestley3F 4M
Tartuffe     Moliere/Roger McGough6F 9M
JerusalemJez Butterworth5F 8M, 1boy
The Trackers of OxyrynchusTony Harrison1F 4M +chorus
Top GirlsCaryl Churchill7F
Cider with RosieLaurie Lee/James Roose-Evans4F 5M
The House of Bernarda AlbaFederico Garcia Lorca10F
Blood WeddingFederico Garcia Lorca9F 9M
One Million Tiny Plays About BritainCraig TaylorVarious
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be FoundFin Kennedy3F 2M doubling
Swive (Elizabeth)Ella Hickson2F 2M
After ElectraApril de Angelis5F 3M
The ChildrenLucy Kirkwood2F 1M
All My SonsArthur Miller4F 6M
The Master BuilderHenrik Ibsen3F 4M
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