We are now in the process of planning the upcoming Play Season ( 2023/24)  for 

Frome Drama Club and are seeking creative, enthusiastic and ambitious directors.

Registration is open and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Frome Drama Club has an enviable reputation of  producing high quality drama in a friendly and inclusive club  of talented amateur theatre lovers. 

Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to indulge your creativity by working with us to bring exciting  theatre to our Frome audiences.

Here is a handy guide to the submission process.

How to apply to direct a play for Frome Drama Club in four easy steps.

1. Find  a play

This might be sparked by a masterpiece you’ve seen or read or you may wish to  refer to the  Frome Drama Club Play List for inspiration ( we can send an updated copy of this list on request) 

2. Prepare a Written Submission 

This might  include:

 a play synopsis and details of writer, previous performances etc

cast breakdown ( size,  m/f ratio, ages, etc)

details of characters

set build, costume and prop requirements

rough suggestion of budget

estimated running time/ number of acts

licensing cost/ availability 

any specific rehearsal needs

any specific tech requirements – music, special effects etc?

has a producer/ creative team been identified?

how much support  will be required  from committee? 

has the play been performed locally recently ( or are there plans for this to happen?)

Don’t forget to  tell us when you can commit to direct the play ie Spring/Autumn or part of  Frome Festival. It helps to provide a copy of the play for the Panel to read.

3. Email your submission

 Please send it to:  fromedramaclub@hotmail.com and put  “ Play Submission”  as Subject Heading.We need to receive a registration of interest to direct by Monday 15 May 2023  to be considered for the upcoming season.

4. Pitch to Panel 

You will  be invited to meet the Panel to give a ten minute pitch, which is your opportunity to tell us what inspires you about the play and why you think an audience will want to come and see it. 

You will be able to chat through your submission with the Panel and tell us more about you  as a director  and why you want to work with Frome Drama. 

During a short Q &  A session we will have an opportunity to find out how we can work together and if your proposition offers creative opportunities for our membership. 

Should you have any queries about the process, please get in touch.