See future productions for details of the play

Venue:            The Cornerhouse, Frome

Dates:             Thursday 25th November and Monday 29th November

Time:              7.00pm-10.00pm

Panel:             John Palmer (director), other panel members to be arranged.


7.00                 Enrolment (contact details, roles interest and rehearsal availability).

Forms to be completed by auditionees.

7.15                 Introduction to the auditions: John Palmer.

7.20                 Script auditions (speaking parts): (audition pieces attached)

9.30                 Improvisation Workshop – non-speaking parts (if required)

9.50                 Close of auditions. Audition panel confer (10 mins).

Notes on the Characters can be download here

The five audition pieces can also be downloaded here,

They are

  1. Act 1, scene 1 (extract) pp1-3: Merteuil, Cécile, Volanges, Valmont
  2. Act 1, scene 2 (extract) pp8-10: Valmont, Azolan, Rosemond, Tourvel
  3. Act 1, scene 4 (extract) pp16-17: Valmont, Merteuil
  4. Act 2, scene 4 (extract) pp51-53: Valmont, Émilie, Tourvel
  5. Act 2, scene 5 (extract) pp54-56: Valmont, Merteuil, Danceny