Future Productions

Les Liaisons Dangereuse

by Christopher Hampton

Christopher Hampton’s Dangerous Liaisons is famous as an Oscar-winning film, but it first burst onto the scene as an RSC stage play in 1985. It is wonderfully theatrical. Like much good theatre it excites on many levels. It examines the corruption and cruelty at the top of a louche society about to vaporise in the cauldron of the French Revolution, a society of sexual politics, power games and revenge. It explores the boredom of the wealthy, the vulnerability of women in a patriarchal World and the levers the duplicitous Marquise de Merteuil and the cynical Valmont use to manipulate that World. Can Merteuil afford to lose control by allowing herself to love?

Will Valmont sacrifice his reputation as an irresistible seducer on that same altar? The audience is kept guessing until the drama’s shattering conclusion. It is a play packed with wonderfully layered characters and sparkles with wit.

The Merlin Theatre at 7.45pm

31 Mar, 1st & 2nd  April 2022

Tickets £10/12