The Graduate

Directed by Geoff Hunt

25th – 28th April

This production of the play about a naïve college graduate adrift in the shifting social and sexual mores of the 1960s captured with hilarity and insight the alienation of youth and the disillusionment of an era. A cult novel and iconic film the tale of Benjamin Braddock’s disastrous sexual odyssey following his seduction by Mrs Robinson was brought to life on the stage, providing great drama, humour and pathos. Geoff Hunt, the director, says “The production was designed to copy the style of the film with bright European costumes, centre piece set dressing and classic music from the 60’s including Simon and Garfunkel. The purpose was to wrap ‘upbeat’ production over the sometimes ‘downbeat’ plot. The effect is a great dramatic roller-coaster for the audience with a feel good factor created. The layers of the set mimicked the architecture of the day being in progressively larger section sizes and rounded features with cantilever steps holding the spaces together. To change sets we merely changed the bed covers, cushion colours, lamps and occasional tables.”

The production was extremely well received…
“Superbly directed by Geoff Hunt, staging The Graduate was a bold step for Frome Drama Club and one they will be pleased they took. FDC consistently behaves like a professional theatre company. They are a credit to the town.”
Steve Mynard

“The Graduate was a terrific production in every way, with a strong cast who have made every character completely believable as real people with warts, charms, confusions, hopes and despairs that are portrayed with conviction. We just think it was a brilliant production and gave us a fabulous evening. We hope our deeply felt praises can be passed to everyone involved. Two words, THANK YOU!”
Val & Tony Atkinson