One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Book by Ken Kesey adapted by Dale Wasserman, directed by Calum Grant

6th – 9th April 2011

Randle P. McMurphy settles quickly into his new life at “the cuckoo’s nest”- a high security wing in a psychiatric hospital. His time is a lot easier than it ever was in jail! He has a soft bed, plenty of friends who are only too happy when he takes their money every time at poker, and no work detail. Life is good, or at least it would be without the tyrannical Nurse Ratched. Still, McMurphy won’t let that stop him having fun. In fact, he has a bet on with his fellow patients that he can break the ‘big nurse’ but he doesn’t know the power she has to break him.

This production was resounding success with excellent reviews.
It’s a play that needs a strong male lead, and Frome Drama Club found one in Stephen Scammell whose charisma electrified the entire action. The crazies were all terrific, each actor inhabiting his role totally at every moment, and the scene when they defy their tormenter to watch the World Series on a switched-off television is fantastic. A full house at the Merlin gasped, laughed, cried, and gave this brilliant production prolonged and well-deserved applause.
Crysse Morrison

Kevin Withers was a powerful Chief Bromden, and Simon Joyce an affecting Billy, but this was an ensemble effort, and no detail was missed by neither director nor actor to create the chilling effect. Another memorable show for the members of Frome Drama Club.
Gay Pirie- Weir Fosseway News