Me and My Friend

by Gillian Plowman (Act One), directed by Christine Dunn

Entered into the All England One Act Play Festival 2014

Oz – Aynsley Minty
Bunny – Alan Burgess

Production Team: Mike Witt, Denise Gibbons, Simon Bowman,
Bill and Migs Jacques.

Hilarious and heart-breaking at once, this black comedy explores the relationships between two men Oz and Bunny who have been thrown together after being released from psychiatric hospital into the ‘care in the community’ early release program for mental health patients.

Oz the ex postman who has never recovered from his mother’s death and Bunny, whose workaholism finally led to estrangement from his wife. The men conduct hilarious fantasy interviews for jobs they will never get.

The first round of the festival was in The Warehouse Theatre, Ilminster and much to our surprise and delight we won through to the second round held at the Merlin Theatre, Frome. We were delighted to win there too on ‘home ground’.

The third round was at Teignmouth – what a day! We won, taking us through to the Final at Evesham, which alas we didn’t win but Alan and Aynsley were given best actor awards. Overall an incredible, nerve racking experience.

Christine Dunn