Jump to Cow Heaven

Directed by Tina Waller

Frome Festival, July 2014

John – Richard J Thomas
Lisa – Rowena Allsopp
Frank – Kevin Withers

Production Team: Mike Witt, Simon Bowman, Dan Gaisford, Sandra Gaisford,
Bill and Migs Jacques.

Set in December 1966, Jump to Cow Heaven is a gripping triumph of tension and suspense, the winner of the Fringe First Award for best new play at the 1997 Edinburgh Festival. In a small basement flat in London’s East End, Frankie ‘The Mad Axe Man’ Mitchell is in hiding, having just been sprung from Dartmoor prison by the Kray Twins. With only his minder John for company and Lisa, a prostitute provided by the Twins to see to his needs, Frank awaits the car that will take him to a new life in the country. But as the days go by and Christmas approaches, Frank’s frustration leads him close to the breaking point. On the night before Christmas he disappears and the lips of everyone are sealed………