Brenton v Brenton

By David Tristram, directed by Stephen Scammell

9th – 13th July 2012

The director, Stephen Scammell, writes: “Bonkers, conkers, and mad as a bag of badgers – this one act play had audiences queuing by the last night to get a seat. Set in the hedonistic 1980’s, this spoof take on Chicago’s largest advertising agency followed the roller coaster lives of the Brentons. A divorced couple each determined to ruin the other in their bid to run the agency. the direction pulled no punches in this fast paced, chaotic, gag a second production. From drug taking execs to inept hitmen, this was not a regular FDC production. Very suited for the festival it left audiences crying with laughter and many returned to see the show a second and third time. What did happen to mousey wousey ? … Stay tuned to this station for further information … Boing !!!”