FromeDrama are excited to promote our final Lockdown project, a radio drama called Mrs Charlton’s Recipe for Success.  Written and directed by Sue Ross, staring Richard Thomas, Tina Gaisford-Waller, Laurie Parnell and Steve Middle.  Produced by Suzy Howlett, edited by Lisa Kenwright of FWC and with sound effects by Simon Bowman. 

It was broadcast on FromeFM in April, but you can still listen to it here.

To the common person, the English FA appear to be gearing up to win the next World Cup through brilliant coaching, state of the art training facilities and big budgets.  But there is another world at play, something lesser-known brewing behind closed doors.  Genetics.  Ben Morris is 11 years old, his professional prospects are high and the FA are showing interest.  Ben’s future is there for the taking.  All his parents have to do is sign.  Sign up to the Darwin Programme … “

Sue in particular is ridiculously excited at having this opportunity to hear her radio play broadcast and really hopes that you enjoy it.