Our production for Frome Festival will be Silence by Moira Buffini at the Assembly Rooms, Frome 

on 7th 8th 9th July. It will be directed by new member Jo Chivers

Auditions will be held on 20th April at 7.30 pm at the George Hotel, Frome

Jo Writes..

Your typical end of the millennium story… end of the first millennium, that is.

Cross dressing, hallucinogenic drugs, confused sexuality, alternative religions, and apocalyptic dreams abound as a not-so-pure Maiden is sent to marry a not-so-manly Lord. Advised by a not-so-celibate Priest, and protected by a not-so-insensitive Thug in an England ruled by a King who won’t get out of bed, Lord Silence and Lady Ymma find themselves on the run in the dark ages. First premiering at The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, in October 1999, FromeDrama are bringing  Moira Buffini’s award winning black comedy to Frome Festival.

Cast as follows…

Silence – A young Viking. Naive and impressionable, they have been thrown in at the deep end since their father’s death. Playing age teen/early 20s. 

Ymma– A noble woman of Normandy, supposedly the daughter of a saint. Strong-willed                           and confident, she’s used to being the smartest person in any room, who is only expected to look pretty.

Agnes -Ymma’s long-term lady in waiting. Loyal but exasperated with Ymma’s                                  stubbornness, she tries to be a calming influence but more often fails. 

Roger – A priest. Good Natured but gullible he attempts to act as Silence’s moral  guardian. 

Eadric – A solider. Focused and determined, but losing faith in his commanders he is looking for something to affirm it. 

Ethelred – The King – Neurotic, flighty and short-sighted, he hides in bed at the first sign of                trouble and has never heard the word ‘No’. 

Auditions will be done as a group with some improvisation in the Balcony Room of the George Hotel, arrive in plenty of time, buy a drink and follow the signs for ‘Rooms’

To download audition scripts click here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtFV5UhGWf_Pgy9a0w4p5j5IaISM?e=caQeaY